Deadlands Noir — Kickstarter

Hello again, I wager most of you will have heard it by now. Pinnacle is doing a Kickstarter for the first time too and it is for a new book: Deadlands Noir. Set in the 1935 New Orleans it promises crime, mystery and the occult in the trademark Deadlands style transported into the time of…

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Beasts of the Dominions — Indiegogo

Hello all, no, I am not dead yet! Just super busy with other things at the moment. I feel bad about it though! Anyway, I just popped in to share an Indigogo project that is currently running for Beasts and Barbarians by GRAmel. They are close to the goal and you still have time to…

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John Sinclair - Vicente Ballestar

Mini Setting: Savage Sinclair

Hello all, I though it was time I shared my current main campaign. The PDF is relatively small and has only the rules and items needed to run the game. There is no fluff or back story in the PDF but to sum it up: Savage Sinclair is mostly based on a pulp series called…

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Totems Of The Dead: The Yaurcoan Empire

Gunmetal Games just released the first expansion product for their Totems of the Dead setting. It features a new region and the inhabiting tribes together with an adventure to get you started. As far as I can tell the Yaurcoan Empire takes a lot of inspiration from the ancient Incas. If you are interested check…

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RPG Software Part 4 – Obsidian Portal

Obsidian Portal by AisleTen LLC FREE / $5.00 per Month or $ 40.00 Year While not really a software it is one tool I am really fond of. I just wish my player where more enthusiastic in using it. On its surface it is a WIKI for your campaign, and that is the base of…

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RPG Software Part 3 – Fractal Mapper

Fractal Mapper v8.0 by NBOS Software $34.95 Another mapping software in review. While Hexographer and Dungeonographer are very specialized tools Fractal Mapper is a full blown mapping suit. The primary use was to generate Fractal outlines for Continents or Islands, hence the name. The functionality is still there and used in plenty of functions, like…

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Kickstarter: The Banner Saga

Hello readers, an update not related to Savage Worlds but a thing dear to me the same. As “Vikings” is a theme this year for me with my Skadian Totems of the Dead Campaign and my general fascination with the mythology, learning about this project filled me with all sorts of glee. Stoic is a…

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