New Savage Worlds eZine coming soon: Savage Insider

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Savage Worlds

Hello World,

on the official Pinnacle Forum Vickeya just announced a new eZine for Savage worlds! Since there really has not been one in a while this is great news!


I’m excited to announce that Mystical Throne Entertainment, the company behind Roleplayers Chronicle, has gotten approval to introduce its free Savage Worlds-focused ezine, Savage Insider, as an official licensed Savage Worlds product.

Aaron T. Huss, the editor-in-chief, Neal Hyde, lead author, and I (Vickey A. Beaver), assistant editor, are working on all the details to launch the ezine this July. “Like” our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with Savage Insider progress.

We’re looking forward to working with Savage Worlds licensees, freelancers, and fans to create an ezine that Savages can’t wait to read.


I am looking forward to this, I wish them the best of luck.


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