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I am steadily working on my John Sinclair conversion and  looked at the way Bennies work and thought about more uses which might fit the John Sinclair Universe. The Benny mechanic is great and any way I can get my players to use them is a good one! Additionally it is one of the easiest things to add as you can test it immediately at the table and just as easily remove it again.  On to the rules I say!

Look what I found : Your character suddenly remembers an Item he had stuffed in his pockets or stashed somewhere. You can spend a Benny to have your character “find” a mundane item that is useful in the current situation. You cannot get a Weapon or Artifact that way. Also the item should be useful but not game breaking. Examples are: A lighter, a Digital Camera, Handcuffs, a Mobile Phone, a roll of Tape, a Screwdriver, a Rope, Pen and Paper, Matches, a Flash light etc. The item wont be written permanently on the characters sheet and is “lost” at the end of the adventure.

Also there was one really good idea on the Pinnacle Forums I simply snagged as it fit so well with the theme of the universe

Action Surge: You may spend a Benny to immediately take a single action. Actions that are normally free count as actions for the purposes of an Action Surge. If you have the Joker initiative card the bonuses from the Joker do not apply during your Action Surge. You may only take one Action Surge per round of combat. If you use your surge after a shooting or fighting roll hits you but before damage is rolled, you take the damage after your Action Surge is resolved.

What do you think? Any Houserules for Bennies you are using in your game?

Read you soon!

5 thoughts on “Savage Sinclair: 2 New uses for Bennies

  1. I think I will give the action surge a try in my super hero campaign. Should fit right into the genre.

    I have taken to handing out one special bennie per session for an incredibly entertaining act. This bennie can be held over to the next session, but must be used the next session. So far it has sparked a bit of entertainment competition at the table. Fun for all.


    1. That is also a good idea. I really like the bennie mechanic especially for things like that. You can hand them out for everything. Its a nice way to give a reward without upsetting the power level of the characters through XP. You reward the player, not the character. And hey, its just so enjoyable to flick them over to a player for a well played joke or something else that enhanced the Fun at the table.


      1. Yeah, I so love flipping bennies to players. Might be why I want to find more reasons for them to use the darn things.


  2. I was introduced to the “Look what I found” system by a friend who calls it “IPTOOMA!”

    -I- -P-ulled -T-his -O-ut -O-f -M-y -A-ss


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