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Hello World!

On the 24th of may, now already a week ago, a new RPG Blog Aggregator, the RPG Blog Alliance opened its doors. The amount of Blogs already linked up is amazing, there where already over 120 blogs listed the other day with some very recognizable names in there. I really look forward to the development of this Alliance. It wants to be more than a simple Aggregator. They want to form a community.  A place where Bloggers can network, where Bloggers and Readers can engage with each other, where everyone can simply talk about this great hobby we all share. I am excited for the future of this as there are already some great ideas floating around. It’s an amazing opportunity for a fledgling Blogger like myself to participate in this from the beginning. Visit the RPG Blog Alliance for some of the best  RPG Blogs on the Internet and visit their Forum too. It is still young and needs more participants. Come in, post about your favorite game, ask questions, post a suggestion.. Everyone is welcome! After all a community is the sum of its parts, so get involved and let’s make this awesome!

Read you soon!

One thought on “The RPG Blog Alliance

  1. Yeah, It seems cool. I’ve been a member on the forums for a long time. 1st day actually. New to blogging myself. Well, not really, just not, um, anywhere near regularly. I don’t want it to die like the RPGBN or the Roleplaymedianetwork, either. It seems to run smoother as a simple aggro, and the forum and mailing list are a nice touch. I know some of the members are worried about spreading it thin, I’m not.

    -Michael a.k.a. The Crazy GM


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