Music for your Sci Fi / Cyberpunk game

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It started during the writing of my Necropolis Scenario and then was intensified by the Technoir Kickstarter. I am in a Cyberpunk mood and find myself digging once more through my Music collection for Sci Fi / Cyberpunk games.  Right now I am preparing a playlist to listen to while reading Interface Zero. In all the years you collect a lot of material, but some albums always stick out.

As there are already hundreds of lists and forum posts about the right music for your Cyperpunk or Sci Fi Game out there I will not even attempt to post another list. Instead I want to introduce two albums I really like but have not seen mentioned much. Both deserve your attention as they are high quality albums.

Neotokyo @ Amazon


Ed Harrison composed Neotokyo as the OST for the Source Engine Mod of the same name. The theme is very clearly inspired by Ghost in the Shell and others like it. Overall the tracks are moody and full of atmosphere. However you wont find many tracks for combat on this. Due to its ambient nature it works best as subtle background music. All the tracks have very distinct characteristics so will be easy to distinguish from another but are bound by an overarching theme. It is possible to let it simply run through from start to finish if you want. There are a lot of songs here that work great as themes for NPC or places. There are no full-blown vocals to distract the listener either. I suggest listening into Annul, Automata, Mechanism, Scrap I/O and Surface to get a taste. But really, they are all good.

This Album is permanently on my IPhone for those long commutes.There are 27 Tracks with a total running time of almost 2,5 hours on this Album. At 8,99 USD it’s a steal!


Into The Grey @ Amazon

Into The Grey

This is an album that was especially composed to be used in RPGs. This was what I was listening too while writing “Outpost CVIII“. The Group behind it, Erdenstern, are a German trio. No worries, the tracks do not have Vocals besides the last one and they are in english! In the German RPG scene they are somewhat famous. Erdenstern has already released several concept albums around a certain theme and all meant for RPG use. This was their first and so far only non-fantasy album. The Album itself is a bit of a mixed bag as they try to cover Sci Fi and Cyberpunk with it. So depending on what you are looking for some songs might be of not much use to you. Due to the more specialized nature of the tracks this is no Album to simply let run in the background. Each song has purpose and is written for a certain situation or mood. Listening suggestions: CyberClub, Into The Grey, Pursuit Race, Mothership and Cyborg Conforntation. It is not easy to get a good impression from just a few songs as each is very specific.

The Album has 21 different Tracks, the total running time is almost 1,5 hours. The price point is also 8,99 USD  I highly recommend to get the CD through the Erdenstern Homepage if you can. The booklet already has suggestions which song is meant for what situation or mood. The MP3 release on Amazon is good enough however, you will just need to figure out the song uses yourself. I doubt that would be a problem for anyone.

Hopefully this was of interest to you and I could show you some music you did not know yet.  What is your favorite Album for Sci Fi or Cyberpunk games?

Read you soon!