Savage Insider Issue #1 Is Available for Download

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The long wait is finally over, the first issue of the Savage Insider is available for download. I know, old news to some… But hey, different time zones, different news cycles! 🙂


Savage Insider

First Impressions:  Good first outing with a nice mix of content. Let’s take a quick tour. The Hellfrost adventure is short and sweet, perfect for a quick travel seed. I would have loved a map or two to go with it though, there is no such thing as too many maps! When they say “Fully developed NPC” they mean it. The NPC description spreads on 2 Pages and covers pretty much everything you need to make him an ally or enemy of your players. The Story is nice and I am  looking forward to reading more about Mr. Talbot and Abigail Morrison! Next up are the Items. They are a bit on the mundane side, but that is not necessarily  bad thing as they are very usable. The comic strip “The Kid” is better than I expected and set the scene for future installments.

The round robin interviews are interesting, however with 18 Pages it takes up almost half of  content pages. It could have been a bit shorter. The convention calendar is a nice touch however it has only American events. I understand that however as they probably are just not aware of Cons outside the US yet.  After the long Interviews the designers diary of Temporal Probability Agency was far too short, I would have loved to read more about their decisions during the design process and how they came up with the layout and statblocks.

And that is already the end of the quick tour. If I have one wish then that it will have more “Crunch” in future issues. As they plan to have each issue follow a certain theme and the first theme was “Community” I am confident the content will shift more towards material we can use at our gaming tables. In the end I am happy that there even is a Fanzine for Savage Worlds and I hope it gets support from the Savage Worlds fans so we can enjoy many more issues.

What do you think? Was it what you expected?

Read you soon!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting about Savage Insider!

    I compiled the Convention Connection. I have non-US conventions, but none that were for this quarter or October (we’re doing a quarter + one month so folks don’t miss something that’s very early in each quarter – getting the issue too late to plan). If anyone knows of any that are happening over that stretch, I’m delighted to add them to my list so we don’t miss them next year. I can also post them to our web and Facebook pages now. You can reach me at vabeaver (at symbol)

    Have a great day!


    (Vickey A. Beaver, Assistant Editor)


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