Battlemap: Citygate by day and night

Hello World,

Another one from my older maps. This time a medieval citygate. I used it during an attack on the town. As I was not sure when it should occur I made two version, night and day. I just realized that there are artifacts in them. They where not visible when I printed them out. If you put a grid on it in a VTT they should be invisible too. Enjoy!


Citygate by night


Citygate by day

Done in Dundjinni, items and textures community made.

Read you soon.


3 thoughts on “Battlemap: Citygate by day and night

  1. Cool, love the inclusion of the light source/radius.
    Ever since I ran a solo adventure for my Rogue player (where light and shadows where very important), I’ve tried to make a point of putting the location of light sources on my maps. It’s not always important, but it nice to have when you need to know (and I find it helps immerse the players as well).

    • I agree, lightning is very important and I learned early that it can drastically change the behavior of the characters. I tend to only show the most intense area of light as I find the maps look bland if I stick to the ranges in the rules. And it makes the maps much more interesting to look at.

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