Battlemap: Citywall by day and night

Hello World,

This map is an add on to the  citygate I posted earlier. It was used in the same city siege scenario. Enjoy!

Citywall by night

Citywall by day

Done in Dundjinni, items and textures community made.

Read you soon.

3 thoughts on “Battlemap: Citywall by day and night

  1. I’ve been enjoying the maps! Windows 3.1 was the PC OS of choice, back when I stopped gaming, this kind of mapping utility was only a dream.

    After watching you post a few different maps, I got the bug and decided to go check out Dundjinni. I downloaded the trial version and found it quite easy to use. However, it appears that the site has been abandoned. I guess the full version is no longer available for sale.

    I have tinkered a bit with Gimp and it seems ok for world maps and such. However, I was wondering whether you’ve ever come across anything else which may be similar to Dundjinni, for indoor or wilderness encounters?


  2. Yes, it is a real shame that Dundjinni is not active anymore. The community there is awesome and still quiet alive however. You could try and ask someone if they have a key to sell to you. But its unlikely. I have tried a lot of different mappers, but none come close to Dundjinni. Some people use Maptool to make their maps, but I find it very unintuitive. Profantasy Cartographer programs are also very powerful but CAD based and just too expensive for me. In the end though you can do everything that Dundjinni can with Gimp. Even better then Dundjinni. Just needs a bit more work in regards to the scale and you need to manage your Objects separately from GIMP. Check out the cartographers guild forums too, maybe they have more pointers.


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