Savage Worlds: ENnie Award Nominations!

Savage Worlds IconHello World!

Is this not great news for the guys at Apathy Games? It is their first published product and already ENnie worthy! Head on over to their Website and congratulate them.  Go. Get! Oh, what TPA is? Read my review.

And I would have missed it if Apathy’s Tyson would not have pointed it out: Also Nominated is the Savage Mojo Sourcebook “Shanghai Vampocalypse” for their setting of Demigods Suzerain. Did not have time to look at this yet but it sounds totally wild.

Thats two Savage Worlds Nominees. Not too bad. Did I miss anyone else?

*edit 09.07.11* My apologies, I should not post late at night. I totally overlooked Pinnacles own book in the ENnies Space 1889: Red Sands. It is nominated in Best Setting and Best Supplement!

All nominated products can be seen here. Congratulations to all the nominees ! Let the games begin, and may the best one win!

Read you soon.



  1. Thanks for mentioning Savage Mojo! I’m one of the freelancers (and marketing person). Pinnacle got nominated twice for the same book. There are three companies and four catagories with Savage Worlds products this year.



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