Savage Worlds: Totems of the Dead + PDF Bundle Pre-Order

Savage Worlds IconHello World,

relatively surprisingly Totems of the Dead can already be pre-ordered through the Cubicle 7 Onlinestore! That is exciting news. I have already posted about this book in the past and I am eagerly awaiting its release to start a campaign.

The release date is given as “Autumn 2011” so still too early to tell specifics. I am going over there to order my copy now. What about you?

*EDIT As of now it can not be pre-ordered, it is only listed on the Webpage as a future release and can be added to shopping lists. Seems like the Information I received was incorrect. I will Investigate*

*UPDATE 24.07.11 It looks like preorder wont be active until the PDF is submitted. If I hear anything I will make a new post. Sorry about this!*

  Totems of the Dead + PDF Bundle *Due Autumn 2011* – Cubicle 7 Entertainment Web Store.

I will leave you with this book blurb:

Know, brave wanderers, that we live in the dawn of a terrible new age. Our great-grandfathers speak of an age undreamed of, a shining time of plenty, when the wilderness was not so wild to us and the earth was our mother who provided all things. That was before drought and famine set each tribe at the throats of its rivals. Before the sorcerer-slavers came across the salt-foamed sea from Atlantis and stole a generation of our people, or the Sea Wolves turned the coast into a red tide of blood and slaughter. Before the Shenites and Skadians came with their new gods and strange ways, and before we knew the fear of Ruskar war parties. More ominous still are the dark storm clouds gathering on spiritual horizons. The spirits were once our guides and allies, but now, with the coming of the mists, terrible beasts that have no place in a sane world stalk through the otherworldly vapors. Our future is pregnant with dangers unimagined. Stay awhile and sit by the warmth of the fire, for it is a wise youth who will listen to what an aging warrior has lived to know. – Unknown Elder

Read you soon.