2011 ENnie Awards Voting

Hello World,

today is the last day of Voting, so If you have not already head on over there and show your appreciation! There are several Savage Worlds products nominated and you can vote for your favorite publishers too. There is no time to waste, get over there as long as you still can!

2011 ENnie Awards Voting Booth

Read you soon.

One thought on “2011 ENnie Awards Voting

  1. Thanks for mentioning this! I know of three products specifically: Shanghai Vampocalypse by Savage Mojo, Temporal Probability Agency (TPA) by Apathy Games, and Space 1889: Red Sands by Pinnacle Entertainment Group (creators of Savage Worlds) – two categories. All three companies are up for Fans’ Favorite Publisher, too, along with Reality Blurs and GRAmel. There may be others, but those are the ones I know for sure. –Vickey


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