What am I doing?

Hello World,

just a quick note on why I post so infrequently lately. First I was on vacation but more importantly I am still working on Savage Space, my generic SF collection for Savage Worlds. It has grown bigger than I expected and is now around 30 pages. And still growing! It also takes more of my free time than I had originally planned. But I am having a blast and look forward to putting it all together.

I am working at an Upkeep system for Starships now that incorporates an adventure generator somehow. Also I changed the spaceship scale to character scale so that the values for a starship in attributes and toughness or damage is not bigger than it would be for a normal player character. That posed some challenges but I am liking it as I am able to have a space battle at my table now that basically plays exactly like a fight between player characters. And due to the small scale of the movement the table space is almost enough 😉 This system does not cover capital ships so far as they should stay out of normal combat. I want to treat them more like obstacles in a chase then real enemies to shoot at. Well that is all for now. Read you soon.

2 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. I’ve never been a big fan of SF myself. That said, I’ve peeked in on some of your Savage Space stuff and it looks fantastic! The starship stuff really seems to fit with the SW playstyle. Keep up the good work.


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