Savage Worlds : Totems of the Dead now two books

Savage Worlds IconHello World,

Gun Metal Games announced today that their 300 pages+ Totems of the Dead setting is now split into two separate books. Read the details here: Totems of the Dead: now 2 books instead of 1!

I am not a huge fan of split books, but his arguments make sense. David Jarvis posted on the Pinnacle forums that the Players guide and GM guide release will be close together, so this is hopefully not a huge issue. Maybepossiblyperhaps  there might be a plot point campaign in the GM guide too.  If you have any question about Totems of the Dead just head on over to the forums,  it looks like David Jarvis is in a talkative mood right now. I still look forward to the release and eagerly await the pre-order.

Read you soon.