Busy times and a preview

Hello World,

sadly I am a bit more busy the last two weeks than usual, hence my irregular posting schedule. Hopefully everything returns to normal soon. More work on one side and then Deus Ex : Human Revolution takes a bite out of my time too, great game. On my second run through now.

Besides that I am also working on material for my John Sinclair campaign, I have neglected that while working on Savage Space . But there is nothing there worth posting as a lot of work has been done by Rel already with his “Dark Days, Darker Nights”fan setting. I highly recommend it for modern horror games.

I am not yet done with Savage Space though, I can show you a preview of what I am working on. Check out the image! The map is made by Dyson Logos. It will be a few weeks until it is done though.

Read you soon!

Clyde's Rock Preview
Clyde's Rock Preview

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