Happy new year everyone!

Hello all,

another year ends and it was a great year for me. I started this blog in may and I am almost to 11.000 hits (10.890 as of this writing) a number I still find impressive and humbling. The first ever fan material I wrote for an RPG, Savage Space,  was well received for the fan product it is and I thank you all for your encouragement, help and kind words! At the moment there is a plan to have it translated into Polish by someone else with a bit of help from GRAmel as I understand it. If I hear news on that front I will let you know.

I wish I was more of a writer really but in my heart I am primarily a gamer so that is where I spent most of my time, gaming with my friends or at the PC. I hope in the next year I will be able to rekindle my writing spirit and actually release an update for Savage Space with some “bug fixes” and maybe even some new material. As it is I will keep an eye out for new products for Savage Worlds that tickle my fancy and I will continue to post about these.

Thank you all for reading this blog and have a fabulous and great 2012! Lets hope the world does not end for a change huh? Game on!

All the best,




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