Interface Zero: City Tiles Volume 1: The Sprawl

Hello Readers,

as many of you know I like maps in all shapes and sizes. I am even happier when maps fitting to a product line are released. In this case Gun Metal Games has just published the first package in what will hopefully become a long running series of map tiles for Interface Zero. Created by the talented Aaron Acevedo they of course look great. Even though they are published under the Interface Zero brand they are usable in any other modern setting too. I am glad there are more modern maps around as they seem hard to come by.

Looking for some cool city tiles to flesh out your modern setting?

Need a street for that chase scene or gun battle?

Well Look no further!

Designed by Aaron Acevedo, City Tiles, Volume 1: the Sprawl provides you with a quality set of twelve tiles you can use for any modern game!

Grab your set today at RPGNOW!

David Jarvis

Example screenshot taken by me


By the way, Aaron has an Indie GoGo project running for another nine days. You fund a themed art series in his distinct style called “Seasons of the Abyss”. If you like his art be sure to check it out. The more contributors the more artwork each contributor gets!

Read you soon.