Double Spiral War Kickstarter Update

Hello dear Readers,

10 days left on it and there is a quick update on the Double Spiral War Kickstarter.  Jonathan added two extra levels for pledges. He posted:

We have added two new rewards to those available. If you are interested in either of the new ones, now is the time to pick them up.

Pledge $55 or more

0 Backers

This is the same as the $30 and $35 pledges, but you also gain a copy of the hardback of the trilogy.

Pledge $70 or more

0 Backers • Limited Reward (3 of 3 remaining)

This is the same as the $30 and $35 dollar pledges, with the addition that the backer gets to design their own alien for inclusion into a future book. This comes with a 1/4 page image of their designed alien. It can come framed for $15 more.

You can visit the Kickstarter to pledge or change an already existing pledge if any of the new levels are interesting to you. If you want to learn more you can read an Interview with Jonathan from Battlefield Press here.