Savage Space: 550 downloads and hypothetical questions

Hello Readers,

going through my WordPress blog tools I found out for the first time you could see the most clicked items on your blog of all time. Yea, do laugh, I am a newb.

Looking through this I learned two things. First: The Savage Space release post is still the most read article on this blog every week. Secondly: Yesterday the PDF broke 550 downloads. I know that not every download is necessarily a new user or someone who liked the PDF. But it still fills me with pride and shows me that there is interest in the genre around the net. Considering I did not push it much after the initial release that is pretty cool for me. Thank you all very much for your interest in Savage Space!

I would love to hear more from everyone who downloaded and read Savage Space. Hypothetically: If there was an update to Savage Space, what would you like to see improved? Where is polish needed? What rule tweaks would you include? How did it work at the table for you? What is missing? What is too much? Now is your chance to give some input.

Who knows, I might actually continue work on the update and your suggestion might end up in it. Let me know in the comments, tweet me, send me an email, find me and tell me in person, whatever works best for you! Contact links are on the right, comments of course below.

Read you soon!

3 thoughts on “Savage Space: 550 downloads and hypothetical questions

  1. First off, it fracking rocks. You should be proud of yourself.

    Secondly, I’d love to help. While I don’t have any specific ideas coming right out, some of the things that catch my attention are…

    Editing — there’s a good number of typos and clarifications needed.
    Mass Space Battles (and Starships as Characters)
    Some further refinement of character roles in starship combat (ever see FASA Star Trek?)
    Some guidance in Sci-Fi setting conversions

    This is, to be quite honest, as good or better than the Sci Fi toolkits and I’d love to help you make it better.



    1. Hello Brennan, If I have sufficient material for a revision I would be happy to enlist your help on the editing front. Just shoot me an email to
      Your ideas are things I have in part on my to do list already and some ideas floating around how to implement them. Thank you for your praise, I appreciate it and it keeps me going.


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