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Aaron Acevedo has a running IndieGoGo project. You might not recognize his name but I am sure you have seen some of his work already. He worked on Deadlands, Solomon Kane, Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons & Dragons and many others. If you visit his website or watch his promo video below you will probably find familiar works. Aaron Acevedo is also the art director for Savage Mojo.

This is his personal project and here is what the IndieGoGo is all about:

Seasons of the Abyss is a one year art subscription featuring illustrations and design from Ennie and Origins Award winning artist, Aaron Acevedo.


The theme for this series is seasons, but with a dark fantasy or horror twist. Each season gets three illustrations, for a total of twelve, one for each month of 2012. If you subscribe, you may see dark faeries at a springtime festival, Zombies at the beach, or the Ice Queen’s winter palace. Maybe all three. There’s even a perk for you to chose the subject matter!


Every $50 in pledges unlocks a new illustration, up to twelve at the $600 goal.The funding pays printing and shipping costs, with any additional funds going to the artist for the time invested in creating the artwork. If you live outside the United States, please add an additional $5 to your pledge for extra shipping expenses.

This is a limited edition series, no more than 500 of these illustrations will be printed. That covers all the contributor perks and leaves 85 prints for conventions.

He is a great artist and this is a good opportunity to own some unique art prints! I look forward to his works.

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  1. Heya! My name is Chaz Kemp and Vikki over at Palewolf Publishing said that she suggested that you look at some of my art! I would be absolutely stoked to work with you.

    Please drop me a line as soon as you get a spare second or two so we can meet. 🙂 I’m at

    I’ve done work with Savage Mojo, Quest Cards and just finished doing work for a LARP called Gaslight Underground. I hope to hear from you soon!

    – Chaz


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