Revisiting Savage Space

Sometimes things happen which at first glance are bad but at second glance offer a great opportunity. I had something like that happen to me yesterday. After switching my writing software I loaded up the all layed out and formatted Savage Space document. And as it is so often with software changes it screwed up big time. Headers were lost, formatting wrong, art shoved around, tables misaligned etc. I cursed and first spend some time trying to fix it.

But then I thought: Why? I am going to add more material anyway. I am not happy with this bit or that bit. I need to tune this table. I want to reorganize this chapter. I know this section needs heavily rewriting. And so on and so on.

With a sigh of sadness and relieve I removed every table, every image, every formatting, every font. It hurt at first but now it is liberating. I am not constrained by what was there but instead can write freely again. It took me some hours yesterday and today, but now I have some basic formatting like headers and chapters back in. Working in this minimally formatted document makes writing much easier as the document itself is far less distracting.

While doing this I decided I will move away from the letter format and instead embrace the 6” x 9” digest size. As Savage Space  is a PDF only this is easier to read at a tablet or other small screen. Even on my LCD it is better read now. No need for scrolling to read a whole page, and no squinting of the eyes. Side by side works beautifully.

I have to thank Sean Preston of Reality Blurs fame as his work on Agents of Oblivion inspired me a lot the last few days. Formatting my PDF for Screen and pad reading will be beneficial in the long run, I am confident of that. Another great side effect is that I have returned to the texts and will trim some fat. No pagespace to waste!

What is your opinion on the format change? Are you using a tablet pc or netbook for your gaming? Or do you prefer the classic two column letter sized layout of paper books for your PDF’s?

Read you soon!

5 thoughts on “Revisiting Savage Space

  1. looking forward to this! I’m thinking of something along the lines of GURPS Space only for Savage Worlds. That sound about right?


  2. I just downloaded and read the first version of Savage Space. Great job. I love the adventure generator. I’m writing this from a Nook tablet so the idea of keeping tablets in mind while formatting the new version sounds great!


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