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I asked you about your opinion on aliens in a Space Opera Setting. The feedback was great and some insightful commentaries were made. Thank you all for participating, you really helped me refine my ideas. The results can be seen on the left. What surprised me the most that there was not a single person voting for Humans only. I would have thought with he many Firefly fans out there it would get some votes at least.

The result is tied between adapted humans and aliens. I made the final decision based on what inspires me more. What do I do with this? I will review my design notes and focus on creating adapted humans.  I think this will create interesting plots and make it easier for people to relate to their characters. This decision opened a whole new perspective on the setting for me. I hope I can make it as cool as it sounds in my head! Maybe I will revisit aliens at a later date. For now there are basic aliens in SWD for the GM that wants them now. Sorry, had to scrap the alien generator for the time being.

This leads me to this weeks musings. Now that we sorted out if we want aliens or not, let us see what mode of traveling you prefer. The Universe is vast and the distances unimaginable. To travel an empire spanning several hundred systems we need a drive that will allow us to cross the distances faster than light, whatever the science says.

A few weeks ago there was an interesting thread on this very topic on the pinnacle forums. I missed it at the time but the discussion there is still interesting to read and his breakdown of travelmodes is a great:



1. Hyperspace, warp drive, drive space. Call it what you want, the drive is part of the ship. Navigation is the responsibility of the pilot. Ships can either jump from one place to another instantly, or must make a series of jumps to travel between solar systems.

2. Stargates, jump gates – “Fixed” points in space, known quantities, perhaps gigantic machines. Warp ships without fail to predetermined destinations. Mechanical, perhaps built by mysterious aliens from the distant past. Controlled/defended by local authorities. There may be hidden gates in a system (smugglers use them).

3. Wormholes – “Fixed” points in space, but less trustworthy than Stargates. May collapse or close. Naturally occurring. Generally watched or guarded by the locals in the system. Piloting skill required to enter and successfully navigate to destination. Not all of them have been detected/explored. Uncharted ones must be found with sensitive scanning equipment.

As you may know Savage Space already includes rules for FTL Travel but I am not happy with it. SWD brought some new ideas I want to incorporate now to make interstellar travel more interesting. And if I can link my setting to it easily the better.

I am trying to design a system that is best for the game at the table. Since I prefer to give my players as much freedom at the table as possible the usual “Warp Drive” design is the one most appealing to me. The players can go wherever they want but travel is not instantaneous and can still be interrupted. What is it you prefer? What design would you choose for your campaign? Vote in the poll and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Read you soon.

6 thoughts on “Last Week…

  1. “Dremiks” ( to be released in March) has points of twisted space that exist between solar systems and galaxies. These points are marked by navigational beacons, but are naturally occurring phenomenon. Starships must reach a certain critical speed to enter the conduit. Because it’s a novel, thinks don’t always go as planned!


  2. Once I found (where else? on the internet) the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, there was no question for me that this was the way to go for FTL.

    I like that it has at least a theoretical backing from Professor Einstein.

    The SF part is how the bridge is located and used. It fits with #3 in your list.


    1. Interesting, time to do some googling! Thanks for sharing this.

      *edit* DOH I did not realize the Einstein-Rosen Bridge basically refers to wormholes. I should have known that, where should I leave my geek badge?


    1. Hello Sean, that combination seems indeed the best of both worlds.

      Not sure if you saw this on the old thread, I can not comment on your blog because no captcha I put in is accepted. Not sure what is up with that. I use Firefox 10.


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