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I am typing away but sadly due to work could not get as much writing done as I would like. I have spent some time on creating the evolved humans and would love some feedback on them. Below you will find three of the planned seven. What do you like about them? What could be better? Is this what you imagined? Can I do better? And please also comment on the writing, is it too dry, too detailed ? Any and all feedback welcome. And remember, your comments can shape the result! Read you soon.

High-G World

A Normal on a High-G World will have trouble breathing and their blood is not circulating as quickly. They are much more prone to fall down and break their bones then an Adapted. To better cope with the higher G the heart of an Adapted is bigger and pumps with more force than a normal heart. The body mass center is higher compared to a Normal and results in muscular and wide upper torso. High-G Adapted are often shorter than average.

Stocky body: High-G Worlders are born Brawny

Power-muscles: The Adapted starts with Strength d6

Grounded: Space Sickness (Major)

Mining World

Colonists on Mining Worlds usually live underground. Living room is at a premium, the environment dangerous, and you see daylight only on rare occasions. The average adaption leads to pale skin and thin hair. The Adapted usually grow shorter than Normals but have a slender build. They also have near perfect eyesight as long as a minimum of light is available.

Living in the dark: Low Light Vision

Dodge a falling Stone: +1 Parry

Blinded by the light: Needs to wear protective glasses in bright light or suffers a -4 penalty to any Trait roll made to shoot or Notice something more than 5” (10 yards) distant.

Toxic World

A Toxic World is any planet with an atmosphere that is not entirely suitable for Normals. The cause for this are plant spores, volcanic gases or simply thin atmosphere among other things. The Adapted developed a tremendous resilience to their dangerous surroundings. Their nostrils are small compared to a Normal. A thicker tear film covers their eyes and the skin has become so resilient it is leathery to the touch. Because of this they usually have no body hair.

Exceptional Liver: Immune to Poison

Resilient: +2 Bonus to resist all environmental effects

Keen Sense: The Adapted can taste Poison in food and in the air easily.

Leathery skin and no Hair: -2 Charisma

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  1. I found your site at the end of a week-long search for any and all materials related to a Star Trek campaign setting for the Savage Worlds system. I’m really glad that I did. Most of what I had found was dispersed across several sites, or was in random spreadsheets or Word documents to download and dig through. There were some materials out there, but not a whole lot. A friend and I had started the process of talking through all of the various things that were going to need to be covered: equipment, new edges, hindrances, ship construction, etc. I think that what you have created is going to be a big source of inspiration for us as we move forward on trying to put a Star Trek campaign setting together.

    In the meantime, the group that i GM for is going to start playing a campaign using your book. I look forward to checking back here to read up on everything that you are working on. Keep up the good work and thanks!


    1. Glad you like it and found it usable! Star Trek is also one of my big inspirations for a lot of things. For example the stun setting on blasters is a result of “Set Phasers to stun” from Star Trek. I would love to hear how your game goes and any issues you might identify or ideas that come up during play, things that you miss etc. Keep me in the loop! Just click on the yellow envelope on the top right to drop me an email.


  2. Good start on the Adapted. I’d probably use a different term for the Normals myself; “Baselines” or “Zero-sums” or something more technological-sounding.


    1. Hi Sean, I have been pondering your suggestion for a while. In the setting the Adapted are really the outliers and so rare that I think there wont be a term for the not adapted per se. If you have a technical term for a normal human that suggests to me that adaption is nomal and your average human being is the freak one. And “Baselines” and “Zero-sums” are great terms but sound a little derogatory to my ear. And that is not what I intend. That is why I like the term Normals myself as that suggest that even the adapted view them as the norm and themselves as the outsiders. If anyone can come up with something more interesting and fitting I am all ears 🙂


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