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this week another preview of Savage Space related content. A full excerpt of the Setting Introduction first draft. I know many of you would rather hear more about the new crunchy bits but this will have to wait a while. I hope this is interesting for some of you. Let me know what you think about it. Is that a universe you want to adventure in? Any pointers? Anything unclear? Read you soon!


When exactly the colonization of Space began is not recorded. All available records only go back around 1600 years. The earliest records describe worlds in ashes and all communication as broken down but fail to mention the reason for it. From the fragments that can be pieced together it seems a cataclysmic event took place that wiped out an incredibly large intergalactic empire, destroyed the communication network and heavily damaged the existing memorybanks. The survivors where cut off from each other for decades and only slowly the old knowledge could be  reconstructed from the available bits and pieces. The most important rediscovery happened around 700 years ago: The knowledge about the Voidspace and how to construct a Ripdrive to navigate it.

The Voidspace is a universe within our own. It is bent, twisted, chaotic and devoid of life. A ship carrying a ripdrive can travel through Voidspace and travel enormous distances in moments. This technology makes it possible to travel from one system to another in a reasonable time and is the foundation for any colonization effort.

The first working ripdrive was constructed on the planet Eikon in the Akir-III Cluster. They where the first to use an ancient navmap to contact another colony, Gio Prime. Progress was swift and the technology spread throughout the Akir-III Cluster, and from there to other systems and sectors. Traveling through Voidspace was not without risk. The ancient navmaps where partially corrupted and the technology was not yet fully refined. Many ships were lost and never found again, other came off of course and discovered new worlds almost by accident. A lot of the former colonies were wasted planets and in some instances there was nothing left at all.

During this period of exploration a fruitful alliance formed between Eikon and Gio Prime. Together they developed what we today know as the Laneguides. Gigantic satellites that partially reside in Voidspace and send off a navigational signal that can act as a form of beacon to guide ships to it. They can also communicate with each other and make it possible for data to be sent through Voidspace in minutes. This invention made traveling through Voidspace a lot safer as long as a Laneguide resided at the destination. The amount of accidents and disappearances in Voidspace was reduced significantly enough that using a Ripdrive is considered as safe as piloting a hovercar. The two allied systems used this incredible technology as leverage to convince others to join their alliance.

If a system refused to sign the charter they could not become part of the Laneguide Network either. Considering the benefits only very few refused.

The Alliance grew and within a few decades several thousand worlds in hundreds of systems pledged allegiance to it and enjoyed the exchange of resources, knowledge and mutual protection. Construction crews from Drakon and Gion Prime spread all over the known sectors to build Laneguides. The local planets helped with resources and workers to construct them, but the inner workings of a Laneguide where never revealed.

Ruled by a senate formed by elected members from each member planet a prosperous age began. The Senate kept the Alliance of planets save by viciously guarding the borders and its members interests. With so many planets under one government disagreements and conflict would sooner or later be inevitable. Within the alliance the unease grew and the Senate took a rigorous step to ensure continued survival and prosperity. It was deemed necessary to create conformity in the sprawling empire so that differences and reasons for conflict were kept minimal. As a result of month of debates and discussions the Unification Law was ratified and issued to all alliance member planets.

The law detailed many parts of life in the alliance. Among the topics are: how living space is allocated, how research is properly done, what crimes are punished in what way, how the youth is taught and raised, what uniforms to wear, how resources are shared, how the Senators are elected and new alliance members accepted. It changed the life of billions and would shape the future for generations to come.

Failure to comply to the new law resulted in the deactivation of the planets Laneguide as a first warning. If resistance continued the Laneguides where destroyed to make sure the Alliance was save from dissidents. Most planets adapted quickly, some took a bit longer and only very few planets actually resigned their membership. The Alliance became a gigantic, unified state under one law, one banner and one goal. The Senate used all its resources to ensure peace, secure markets, and controlled expansion.

Outside the Alliance the free worlds where not idle however. They created new navmaps and guide computers. Interstellar travel was never as safe and reliable as within the Alliance however. Driven primarily by capitalistic goals the Galactic Confederacy was founded by minded Governments with the primary aim to facilitate free trade and economic growth. It was a loose cooperation of various system and sector governments without any form of elected leadership. CEO`s, Leaders and Politicians normally only spoke to each other when required to settle a dispute, This usually only included the affected parties and sometimes their allies. A Confederacy wide consensus or laws did not exist.

With the drive for growth an incredible hunger for resources and living space had to be satisfied. Aggressive colonization was the answer. First expansion was always done with the help of androids and robotic fleets that established bases for the colonists that followed soon after.

Many colonization attempts where total failures and disasters, hundreds of colonies where build and lost again. Others where pure experiments and some random successes that advanced knowledge tremendously.

There was no direction as every corporation, group, and state had its own agenda to follow. Expansion was chaotic but massive. The biggest scientific discovery achieved in the Confederacy a direct result of the colonization needs: Biogenetic EvoEngineering. The normal limits of the human body suddenly did not mean as much anymore. They could be bend and sometimes even broken. Planets could be colonized that were considered too expensive before. Colonists that had undergone Biogenetic treatments experienced an artificial evolutionary leap over only a few generations. The descendants of these changed colonists are known as the Adapted today.

Due to the aggression of the Confederacy expansion it soon counted almost as many citizens as the Alliance and only marginally fewer systems.

Today no one can recall what exactly caused the unification war between the Alliance and the Confederacy, though a dispute over resources seems likely. The first recorded battle has an Alliance fleet arriving at a planet where colonization efforts by the Confederacy had just begun.

The conflict quickly escalated and the confederacy had to use guerrilla tactics to fight against the highly effective and organized Alliance Navy. During this time an actual government in form of an emergency council was founded in the Confederacy. The best generals, prolific leaders and most powerful CEO’s came together and formed the Confederacy Fleet. An enormous construction blitz began to counter the Alliance Navy.

The war lasted longer than anyone expected. Over the span of several generations the war waged back and forth. At the end the battles where so devastating that whole systems became wastelands and many colonists fled their homeworlds in civilian fleets to escape the war and search for a new home.

Attrition finally caused the Confederacy Council to surrender to the Alliance. Many of the council members had been killed during the war. Surprisingly the survivors were offered a seat in the senate. The end of the war was not celebrated as a victory over an enemy but rather a reunion between two former friends that had been estranged from each other. This union received a new name: The Confederate Alliance of Planets (CAP). Celebrations lasted for weeks in the core sectors and people where excited the Confederacy finally saw sense and reason. Formerly divided Families could be reunited again.

All former Confederacy Worlds received the offer to join the Alliance and their Laneguide network by accepting the charter and implementing the Unification Law.

Refusal was possible but left you in isolation. After the long war people welcomed the offer of peace and the magnanimous attitude of the alliance convinced many that joining them is for the best of all.


That was 12 years ago. Even though the majority of former Confederate systems pledged allegiance to the new government a few remained independent. Disconnected from the Laneguide network these outlying worlds are too insignificant in the grand scheme of things to be of interest to the Senate. A lot of the new CAP member systems only have rudimentary Laneguides and outfitting them all will take a few decades.

Today the control of the Confederate Alliance of Planets on its core sectors is still very tight. Due to the size of new CAP space and the current gaps in the Laneguide Network the local governments have a bit more lenience then before the war.

The unconnected fringe systems are mostly left to their own devices, and they harbor many refugees, fugitives, old Confederacy warriors and fortune hunters. Some worlds and the systems they reside in can be considered completely lawless. Due to a lack of CAP influence and no connection to the Laneguide Network many bizarre and unusual forms of government and society develop.

The Drifters, refugees from the war without a home planet, still travel through the silent sectors in the evacuation fleets. While many are still on the search for a new planet to colonize, most of them are settling into a new way of life in space and call the gigantic fleets their home.

In this galaxy opportunity is everywhere, you just have to grab it. There are enough gaps to slip through and enough shady places to conduct any kind of business. But prepare for conflict. You are not alone out there and many will try to stop you. Fringers, Pirates, CAP Military, Corporations, Policeforces, Drifters, Crimelords, Independents and many more are all looking out for their own interests and will stop at nothing to reach their goals.

Go out into the void, keep your blaster ready, your ship flying, and find your own destiny among the stars.

Welcome to Savage Space!

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  1. Not my cup of tea. I’m still mad at Joss Whedon for killing Wash. Also, it seems obvious to me that in a confederacy ruled by CEOs, Adapted humans would be literal wage-slaves since they sold their bodies to the corporations.


    1. I’m pretty sure the part where Wash was killed was a dream sequence. I just saw him alive and well in Tucker and Dale Versus Evil where he was on vacation away from the Serenity.


    2. Hah, who is not still mad at that? Still not sure why they had to kill someone off for the “emotional impact.” Ah well what can you do.

      Your observations regarding the Adapted is quiet correct. Since the winners are not Corporation driven anymore (or at least not officially) their situation is a bit better then before.

      BTW Sean I still can not comment on your blog, no matter what I type he wont take the captcha, and I am sure one of the 20 times or so I tried I got it right. 🙂


  2. Great work on the fictional back story. It’s a nice set up for a large number or gaming possibilities.

    If we can get a Google + game going and you feel like running Savage Space I’d love to help play test. I sent you a PM on the Pinnacle forums with my Gmail address.


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