Savage Worlds Kickstarter: Kaiser’s Gate

Hello dear Readers,

as you may be aware I am a huge Fan of Kickstarter and even more so if it is about my favorite RPG System. This time Battlefield Press is at it again. After successfully funding the Double Spiral War Setting for Savage Worlds they now leave space behind and look back into our past. Not too far though but through an interesting lens to say the least.

On June 30, 1908, near Tunguska, Siberia, a mysterious explosion flattened hundreds of square miles of forest. Eyewitnesses alternately described a ball of fire falling from the sky, or the sky opening up and pouring out fire. An orange glow in the sky was visible for days, as far away as Western Europe. Although the cause is still unknown, the consequence is clear. Magic was reawakened. Traditional native cultures and occultists were the first to notice, but it soon became common knowledge.

You can read a lot more at the Kickstarterpage. Basically Magic has awoken during WW1 and everyone starts to use it, it is now Tanks vs Golems, Dragons vs. Biplane. Words can hardly explain why this is cool, so look at the screengrabs I took from the promotional video and then tell me: Is this is or is this not cool?

More awesome art and information is available in a pretty active thread on the Pinncale Forums. There are still 40 days to go and it already is almost 200% Funded. They are a bit surprised by this overwerhelming response and work on bonus goals and rewards right now. If you want to have a say in what comes next back the Kickstarter and start commenting!