RPG Software Part 2 – Dungeonographer

Dungeonographer by Inkwell Ideas

FREE / $24.95

Dungeonographer is the other big software from Inkwell Ideas. It is a specialized tool to quickly create classic dungeon maps. One could say it is the brother of Hexographer. The UI is very similar and many features are shared between the tools. For example drawing lines and placing styled text is almost identical between the two. There are of course huge differences in the functionality between Hexographer and Dungeonographer.

You can start creating a map in several ways. You can begin on a blank page as usual and begin to quickly draw a dungeon by placing floors and painting down walls. Or you can set up some parameters and let the software create a Dungeon randomly. Room contents are not generated, only walls, floors, doors and hallways. You can then fill the rooms with different items from the map item dialog. While this was a nice addition in Hexographer it is the main feature here. You can filter what you see by various types of images, like Beds, Tables or Storage. There are several options to choose from in each category. You simply select them and place them wherever you want. While there is a lot to choose from and enough to get you started there are certain limitations in what is available.  For example there are almost no SF items. You can add your own though.  If you are like me and have tons of images from other software like Dundjinni (The Software is pretty much abandoned now but the forums are still active) this is a necessity.

Another very neat feature are the two different display types. You can select a Lineart/Classic or Battlmap/Semirealisitc look for your map and switch between the two with a simple click.  This makes it possible to have great looking maps for your players and a simpler, better readable map for you as the GM.

Drawing battlemaps and dungeons is easy and quick but they are not as Fancy as the ones other mapping software creates. But these often cost significantly more. All in all this is a great package and as usual with Inkwell Ideas there is a free version for you to use. There are some limitations however that are not present when you purchase the Pro version. With the Pro version you get:

  • Run off-line.
  • Change floor tile icons and add new custom floor tiles.
  • Expand existing maps with extra square rows/columns.
  • Add custom map items (bookcases, tables, chairs, wall-torches, etc.) The free version lets you add 10.

Because Dungeonographer has the same heritage as Hexographer some issues are also present here like the missing keyboard shortcuts. Drawing a huge dungeon with many walls can get tedious fast. It is still a good tool and updated regularly. A lot of great new features including random room descriptions and an upload functionality to help in online play have been added in the latest update. You can watch a video showcasing them all.

Dungeonographer is great if you want to randomly generate dungeons you can quickly fill with generic furnishings to get a quick start. Adding your own images makes it possible to create varied and more elaborate battlemaps. This takes some time and is a bit cumbersome to do though. I suggest you try the free version to see it is to your liking.

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