Mini Setting: Savage Sinclair

Hello all,

I though it was time I shared my current main campaign. The PDF is relatively small and has only the rules and items needed to run the game.

There is no fluff or back story in the PDF but to sum it up: Savage Sinclair is mostly based on a pulp series called John Sinclair (The blond chap in the picture). He is an inspector with Scotland Yard and the so-called “Son of Light”, a chosen champion of good. He works on supernatural cases and fights demons, devils undead, evil sorcerers and the like.

The series is still running and has spawned an RPG in Germany that I use for inspiration. I run it as a modern horror game with a lot of pulpy action. I hope you like it and as always: comments very welcome! Oh, and happy easter to all of you!

Savage Sinclair Download

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