Deadlands Noir — Kickstarter

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I wager most of you will have heard it by now. Pinnacle is doing a Kickstarter for the first time too and it is for a new book: Deadlands Noir. Set in the 1935 New Orleans it promises crime, mystery and the occult in the trademark Deadlands style transported into the time of blues. The funding goal of 8.000 $ has already been reached in the first few hours with 29 days to go. That is still a long time to jump in. Planned release date is march 2013. A long time to wait but from the looks of things worth it.Go check it out!

Deadlands Noir by Shane Hensley — Kickstarter.

One thought on “Deadlands Noir — Kickstarter

  1. I love all things Deadlands, but money’s a bit too tight to help out right now. They will just have to settle for me buying the book next year.


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