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in my perpetual state of game prep I am at a point where I am focusing on the names for my fantasy campaign. My world is rather generic, but that is on purpose as we play not that regularly and the more generic the easier it  will be for the players to ease back into the game. So we have the usual suspects: Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings. I created two other races or cultures. The Riverfolk, a mix between Celtic warriors and Vikings living on the lakes and rivers and Wildings, a primitive, barbarian culture. So far the only ones set in their naming convention are the Dwarfs, Elves and Halflings. For these races I use the generators from Dragon magazine.  I am really fond of these as they work and give some depth and culture to naming. There have been several issues with name generators in them, namely 251, 261, 262 and 267. They had Dwarves, Elves, Halflings and Dark Elves. If you do not own these, the whole of Dragon magazine is available from the Internet Archive! (Sadly not anymore)

The Wildlings will use simple names based on landscape, animals and traits in clear language like “Bearstriker” “Lionspaw” and things like that. But the Riverfolk have me in quiet a bit of trouble. I want the names to mean something similarly to the Dragon magazine generators but that is harder than I thought it would be! Generating a list of Words to use as the meaning base is simple enough, but creating a generator that does not only produce crap is a challenge. I failed miserably and had to turn to G+ for help, and help I received. I am not finished looking through everything but I wanted to share the links I received.

Ebon Name Software One of the oldest name generator software around and still works flawlessly

Seventhsactum  A website with lots of generators, not only names.

Donjon Even more fantastic generators for a bunch of stuff, not only names or fantasy.

Scrivener Writing Software with built-in Name generator

Behindthename A great Website with tons of Name lists with some background on the names. Includes this generator.

Phil Riley Generators I did not think  tripod still exists! A huge selection of name generators.

Gamedecor Another page with more fantasy focused generators. Contains names and other things like dungeons or weapon descriptions.

Rinkworks A Flexible generator for more random fantasy names unrelated to the real world.

Regia  Nice list of Anglo-Saxon Names.
Misc findings:

Anglish Wiki  Simple premise: English with fewer words borrowed from other languages. The result is very interesting and perfect for RPGs. As long as you speak English.

Wizardawn  A site with various unusual generators like Sewer, SciFi and Suburb maps.

Have fun with these! What are your favorite bookmarks in your world building ?

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