Thief – Sneak, Stalk, Steal, Survive the D00lite way

Thief: The Dark Project is still one of my favorite games of all times. And with the release of the new Thief game nostalgia set in. That nostalgia merged with my current D00lite fixation one night. Starting the next morning I did write it into a Thief D00lite hack. And what do you know, here is already version two.

This version has some skill changes as well as a shiny new bestiary containing all the baddies from Thief Gold. My first monster hack for D00lite so it may be terribly unbalanced. Be warned! I also have not finished another replay of the game yet so some details on the monsters are strictly based on their Wiki entries and not so much my own in game experience. I only have vague memories of some.

Complete list of Changes:

  • Assassin and Mugger Skills updated, Warrior added
  • Changed Blackjack use
  • Some typos and errors fixed
  • New Bestiary!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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