Guild of Shadows – A SaWo Kickstarter

Hello all,

after posting my Thief BBF hack Mat Greenflied contacted me about a Kickstarter for SaWo. While I wont be participating as I am not actively playing Savage Worlds anymore, my interest in all things thief like is enough to at least put up a quick post about it.


As a fan of Savage Worlds and Thief, you have to check out Guild of Shadows, a new campaign setting for SW! Players take the role of thieves guild members, planning and executing high-end robberies, confidence schemes, smash ‘n’ grab jobs, information gathering assignments, and even the occasional murder. The emphasis is on planning and stealth, rather than combat.

If you think your blog readers might be interested in this, I’d love to have you mention it to them.

You can see the Kickstarter page here:

You can also see Pinnacle Entertainments’ announcement of the game here:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your time,

Mat Greenfield
SPQR Games


It sounds cool, just head over to the Kickstarter to learn more.