New BareBones Release – Spellcards

This week finally saw a new release from the DWD Studio Folks. A small accessory for all the Bare Bones Spellcasters out there. I can´t comment on the physical properties of the cards as I only have the PDF.


I am fond of cards for spells and abilities since the first sets of spellcards appeared on Drivethrough back when the DnD OGL was new. I always found these a great aid at the table and this is no different. It has each spell from BBF on a separate card with the full text from the book. It is really easy to create your own Spellbook out of the PDF if you do not have the physical cards like me.

The set also contains one card for each of the spellcasting skills. Not as useful as the spellcards in my view but a good addition nonetheless and a practical handout to give to a player if they do not have the rulebook.

But this is not only a rehash of already available material, the deck  also contains two totally new spells and one spell that was previously only published in Decahedron, the D00lite Fanzine, plus one entirely new spellcaster skill, the Elementalist.


The two new spells fill a gap in the already available powers that I did miss from the original BBF release. The first is the mind control spell “Dominion” and the second one is “Conjure”, a spell to call forth mundane items. And finally, “Commune”, as the name suggests a spell to communicate. Not only with the living but also with the dead. While the last one was available from the magazine already, it is nice to have all official spells in one place.

The new skill”Elementalist” is again a strongly themed skill with interesting abilities that make it a worthwhile addition to the available skills and not a mere extra skill for an extra skill sake.

While the price for the card deck  plus  PDF of 6,99 USD is very reasonable, I feel 5,99 USD for the PDF only is a bit steep. But if shipping is no issue for you, simply go for the great valued 6,99 USD Card and PDF Bundle. I now regret I did not go for that immediately, even though I would have had to pay extra shipping. Live and learn.

No matter if you are a BBF DM or player, this set of cards will be useful for you, as it allows for quick reference during play without the need to crack open the Rulebook. Recommended.