Wyrdland – BBF meets Conan

WyrdlandHello all,

it already has been a year since I did this hack of BBF, but for some reason I never published what I have. Time to remedy that! It only consists of three new races, the new Mystic skill, and 4 new specializations for the Spellcaster skill.

As the new races we have Slyvary, the treeborn creatures former humans dwarfs or elves, touched by nature and transformed into something new. Then the wyrdlings, the men of the wilds, untamed barbarians who despise civilization. The elk riding steppe elves, fighting and feasting is their life. And finally the lost dwarfs. distant descendants of the dwarfs that once lived underground, now almost feral and hiding in the ruins of former glory.

To enhance the flavor there is a new skill, the Mystic with the unique ability of augury.

The normal BBF High Wizardry is not really fitting for the genre I am going for and I replaced it with a Specialization feature. These totally new Specializations are: The Wyldmage, pretty much your classic druid. The priest specialization replaces the cleric skill. Next is the Spiritist, a shamanic caster who crafts fetishes and consults spirit guides. And finally the sorcerer, adept of the dark and corrupting arts.

I feel the BBF rules do not need many tweaks to tune it for a Sword&Sorcery game. Maybe you will find these useful for your own hacks. Read you soon!


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