How time flies and some things come full circle

Wow, has been a long time again! Truth be told I just wasn´t interested in blogging about anything. I had nothing to say really. The reason I creep back up is an observation I made recently that I wanted to share, even though it may be just a personal one. A long time ago I did post about me being “done” with Savage Worlds. I still kept half an eye open to it, but I just could not be bothered to play and run it and stopped buying books.

In that post Zadmar made a great comment:

“My suggestion would be to think of roleplaying games as being more like meals than a marriage – there’s no obligation to stick with one system, in fact it’s always a good idea to try new things even if you’re happy with your current system. There’s no need to say “goodbye” to Savage Worlds, you can always come back to it at a later date.”

Truth be told, I used the time since my post from 2014 to run only one shot games. No system had more than 2 session’s tops. I also am a player in some games again. I am also involved in a group of like-minded individuals that organize a yearly game event that draws around 70 players. This has given lots of experience with different systems and due to the interaction with others refreshed my perspective on other games. I have been hammering away on my own system as well, trying desperately to merge my favorite game systems together in one “Rule them all” package. In my heart I was still a “I need the ONE System” guy.

I am not sure what prompted it but this suddenly changed. I guess it was what felt like my hundredth revision trying to make an Adventurers, BBF, Barbarians of Lemuria, FFG Star Wars and Savage Worlds hybrid work. And I asked myself: “Why bother?” There is still a twang of sadness. I want to play all of these great systems all the time, but I just don`t have the energy and time to run 4 different Campaigns. I am going to be 40 this year and need to set my priorities; my life is complicated, like that of many adults.

It took me almost 2 years to internalize the truth behind Zadmar’s words. For many of you this may be a no brainer, but for me, a guy that plays maybe every 2 month, if that, the question of system seemed important. In a way it still is but I stopped stressing about it. I have game systems for various situations and will play whatever comes up. I am sure SaWo will take a bigger share of my time again, simply because it has tons of material and is easily “hackable”. But the others will remain too. Every game on my favorite list is fantastic on its own and worthy of attention. I will cut down on me purchasing new systems left and right in the search of the Holy Grail though. I have bought around 100 different RPG Systems in the last 2 years, trying to fill a need that was self-imposed.

It is interesting how you can make your own life needlessly difficult. My personal goal is to be more relaxed and focus on whatever works in a given situation, and not try to make it “perfect” anymore. In a way I have come full circle. Savage Worlds is actually the culprit that made me go: “ I can use just this and stop worrying” again. The one game that made me think about hacking and creating again. But this time it is a general want to create and not focused on a single system. Let us see what the future brings. No Promises 🙂


2 thoughts on “How time flies and some things come full circle

  1. Welcome back! Having just turned 40 with a recent ramp up in my role and responsibilities at work, this resonates with me. I’ve pretty much settled on Savage Worlds specifically because I simply cannot prioritize time for yet another system, and quite honestly Savage Worlds works well enough for what I want to play and run. I’ve always thought of it as the “good enough” system, but I don’t mean that in a settling type of way. It’s more like, “Am I having fun? Yes? Good enough.”


    1. Hi Kristian, very true. I still have several systems I use, simply because I like them and they all bring different things to the table. Originally I fell in love with SW for exactly that reason, one system fun, covers everything. But I learned that I need different games in my life. They are all on the light side though and generally tend to supereasy, so that is not a burden really. I thing FFG Star Wars and Savage Worlds are the complex ones. D00lite, Adventurers and Barbarians of Lemuria the light ones. They all fill a different role and I enjoy the differences. It is all a matter of player buy in as well. I would have never left SW if my players would have been as into the system as I was.


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