How to Shadowrun?

Lately I am in the shadowrun2ndmood again for a cyberpunk system. Originally I wanted to run Interface Zero for our next session. I like the system and the world seems interesting. However one of the players voiced his wish to play Shadowrun. He only knows a bit about the setting from the computer games but wants to see more. And being the obliging GM I am, I immediately start digging.

First I pull out my Shadowrun 2nd Edition book, but very quickly decide to let it drop again. The system is fine, but still a bit too cumbersome for me. Next stop was Manuel Sambs great Savage Shadowrun, a conversion for Savage Worlds. This is what got me to look again at IF0 in the first place after all. I like it a lot. It is a great adaption, covering a lot of stuff and ready to play from the get go.

But there is also something else I wanted to try for a long time: Using BareBonesFantasy and Covert Ops  to play Shadowrun. Luckily there is also a fan hack available for the D00lite games: Shadow Ops, by TheChaosGrenade. It is a lighter, more general adaption of Shadowrun compared to Savage Shadowrun. The latter is clearly coming from 2nd edition.

I faced a dilemma and went back and forth with it. Both have something going for them and they are great works in their own right. Both systems are easy and fun to run. In the end I opted for D00lite, as that is a lot easier to get a grip on as a fresh player then Savage Worlds. And it would allow me to do something I wanted to do. I have not written anything RPG related for a long time and I feel it is time again. A D00lite conversion of Shadowrun 2nd Edition it is! I prefer the world of Shadowrun as depicted here compared to the more current releases, and it is the version I know best.

Shadow Ops gives me a great base to work from. TheChaosGrenades graciously allows me to use his fan hack to create my vision of Shadowrun 2nd. I hope I can do it justice. Currently I finished reworking some of the skills and ported shamanistic and hermetic traditions. Also conjuring and totems are complete, work on the Grimoire is in the rough and I am writing up the nature spirits at the moment.

When done I plan to have all the equipment from 2nd  Edition ported to D00lite as well, at least where necessary. For me cyberpunk and similar is always a bit “Gun Porn”, and I like extensive item and weapon lists for this genre. Still debating with myself If I should extend the hacking as well. What do you think?

At this point I am in full on conversion mode, so no matter what happens, I will complete this run. See you chummers!

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3 thoughts on “How to Shadowrun?

  1. Once upon a time I hacked together a conversion of the first edition to GURPS and it was torture, especially in the magic. Friends simplified the whole thing by just getting the feel for the game and using various GURPS supplements to flesh out the rules. They interpreted while I converted, and mine was the lesser game for it.
    D00Lite is a great choice for the game. The engine is even smoother than savage worlds and I like the multi-action rules better. Good luck.


    1. Yea, I certainly am prone for “conversion” instead of “adaption”, but that is what edits are for. Certain aspects should definitely be there, but others, like Spirit details, I am now slowly realizing become too complicated when converted. Of course AFTER I converted them all. But that is all part of the process and the challenge of a good conversion: Getting the feel right without overcomplicating the game.

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