Shadowrun to D00lite – The Grimoire

As posted earlier I am working on a Shadowrun 2nd edition conversion for D00lite. One of the things that should be in there is a Grimoire guide translating the Shadowrun spells into Doolite equivalents. Now, I am sure it wont be possible with everything. In BBF Magic is more flexible and less specific then Shadowrun. For most spells I have an equivalent, but there are some I am drawing a blank. Maybe you have an Idea? I am also interested in hearing what you think of my other spell choices and even if everything needs to be converted. Especially hibernate for example is a VERY specific spell I don`t think I would translate. Have a look at my list here.

Additionally I am trying to implement something akin to the success counting from Shadowrun to D00lite, primarily for summoning and Magic. Here is a draft:

Optional: Counting Successes / Failures

In Shadowrun a lot of spell effects depend on how much successes you roll. This concept does not exist in D00lite. To implement something similar calculate the difference between the roll and the skill or attribute score. Divide the result by 10, round down. If the check was successful this is the number of successes you have. If it failed the number of failures. A critical success always counts as 10 successes, a critical failure as 10 failures.

This is mostly useful for Spells. A Magician can reduce spell drain (twice spell level) by the number of successes. Decrease drain by 1 for every 2 successes. On a failure have each two fails increase fatigue damage by 1.

You can implement this for Conjuring as well. In that case drain (twice spirit level) is dependent on successes or failures as with spells. Any summoned spirit will also offer twice the number of successes as services instead of 1D+ Magician Level.

Would love to get your feedback, especially on the successes mechanic.