Shadowrun to D00lite – The Matrix

matrixPDFWas a bit quiet this week, am on vacation. Still spent a bunch of time on my Shadowrun hack. It is coming together nicely. I know it is not for everyone as it is crunchy compared to Covert Ops. But I have fun building it. As an example of where I am going here a preview of the matrix chapter.

Usually one should always convert the setting, not the rules. But to me the nostalgia and memory is tied to so many details of the setting that it is hard for me to cut anything off. Yes you can do this much easier, as Shadow Ops has done. But I want my Decker to have a deck running various programs, needing to juggle memory with utility. I included optional rules to make this all much more streamlined as well. But for someone who likes the general decking procedure but would like some more elegant resolution mechanics, here you go. While I do convert relatively literally I also tried to streamline some of it. A lot of the second edition mechanics are really hard to comprehend for me today. I did not replicate mechanics but mimic effects. Hope someone else gets some use out of this.

Next Up: Finishing the Magic Chapter

Comments very welcome, I would love some feedback.