New Edge: Bodyguard

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Hello World,

During my conversion of John Sinclair to Savage Worlds I had to think about a way to simulate a special Class feature. John Sinclair contains a Bodyguard Player class which has the special feature that they can take a hit for another Character by spending the equivalent of a Bennie. Since one of the players has that class I could not convert without it. So here is my take. A new Edge:

Spirit D6 Vigor D8

The Character can leap in front of an attack that would otherwise have hit another character by spending a Bennie. The victim needs to be within half running distance from he Bodyguard and there must be a clear line from the Character to the one being rescued. The character suffers the attack normally instead of the original victim and is placed next to the victim. The saved Victim is placed prone. If the Bodyguard has already acted this turn he has to succeed in an Agility check to save the victim. Multi Action Penalties do apply. If he fails he still ends up next to victim but is forced prone.