Blood & Bile released

236979The dead have risen from their graves, and the zombie apocalypse is now at hand. Your hometown has been overrun, and who knows how the rest of the world is faring? But here’s the twist: you aren’t some weak and puny mortal; you’re a vampire, a terrifying creature of the night. You were resting when the outbreak started, but now you’re awake, and your food source is being wiped out—so what are you going to do about it?

This is the intro to Zadmar’s new game. You may know him from his Saga of the Goblin Horde game or the many free Savage Worlds supplements he released over the years through his website.

The premise already sounds lots of fun. And the mechanics look interesting as well. Attributes are represented by different colored d6 and you can spend the dice for effects. Every vampire also has a Dark Gift, like controlling animals. The game also includes a bunch of tables inspired by the Mythic GM Emulator, almost allowing you to play GM less. I did read an earlier draft, the final release also has neat layout and looks good. I just had a few moments to skim over it and will have to give it a proper read on the weekend. Definitely worth a look at PWYW!