70s Hyboria?

In a few weeks I am scheduled to run a one shot for my regular gaming group. A game I have written (and will soon post here also) called Get Funky won the group vote. It is heavily inspired by 70s Blaxploitation and Action movies. Regularly our group plays 2D20 Conan and one of the players, not sure how serious, suggested:

So, Get Funky: should it be Zamora in the 70s? I’d be a knitwear-wearing cop who doesn’t obey the rules in the ZPD. Fighting crime in the Big Zee! Driving my red and white striped Ford Ishtar through those mean streets.

Zamora in the 70s. At first I was totally taken aback by that idea as it was absolutely not what I had envisioned when I first wrote the game and found the whole notion utterly ridiculous. But since then I have mulled it over and over and I am starting to fin the idea intriguing. I mean, there are not many “Sword & Sorcery in the 70s” games around. I have no clear idea how that would even work. But there is something interesting to me in taking a city like Zamora as represented in Modiphius take on the Conan world with its iconography and history from the stories and merge it with 70s New York.

The Maul would be akin to the Bronx and you could have the “Elephants twin towers” where once a single tower stood. Bel’s Beats could be the hottest Disco in town. I am really unsure if I could pull it off as I am not that well versed in either 70s New York or Hyborian lore. But I feel in general an RPG set in the 70s with a mystical and dark flavor like in Howards stories with a touch of dark magic could be a worthwhile pursuit overall.

We are still discussing what we will play exactly but this crazy idea might have merit. What do you think? Do you play mashups like that? Leave a comment if you like, I would love to hear about it.