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The titular game is one I am currently enamoured with. You can get it at DtRPG for free. Without giving everything away the game works around a simple mechanic: Roll 2d6. A 5 or 6 is a success. Roll +1d6 for advantage of any kind (item, high attribute, superior tactics etc) or -1d6 for  disadvantage of any kind (low attribute, hindrance). Advantage or Disadvantage are usually determined by traits a situation, character or item has. To quote sample character traits from the rules:

Techies (2): small workshop or garage, mysterious device you don‘t understand, graduated summa cum laude (tech and mechanics), small zapper, knows how to jury-rig

The (2) shows that the player can choose two of the listed traits. There are no further explanations for the traits itself, as each table needs to define what they mean for their own game. I like that as I usually collaborate a lot with the players. The player is free to use any trait that might benefit a given situation.

This simple premise makes the game very adaptable. As of the writing of this post there have been over 25 different hacks of various depth for the simple 2 page core system. Each tackling a different genre and adding something unique to the game. You can find these at the minimald6 authors website (that also contains the full rules) or the active and friendly G+ community for the game. If you like light games give minimald6 a try. I am certainly happy I did! At this point I have finished 4 minimald6 games myself and am tinkering away at 2 more. It is almost addicting, give it a try!

Do you have a favourite light game? Please leave a comment, I am interested to hear about it.

*EDIT* Small update about traits and how the character listing is read after comments.

6 thoughts on “System Introduction: minimald6

  1. I’ve heard about MinimalD6 before but I find it just a bit too simple for my tastes. Barbarians of Lemuria hits the sweet spot for me but, for a system that is truly minimal, I also think Risus is worth a look


    1. BoL is my absolute favourite system right now! It just has a relative restrictive license so I can`t really express myself that well in the system. Writing for minimald6 is just fun. Risus never clicked with me, but if you want to get a spontaneous game going quickly Risus is great! Absolutely worth a look.


      1. I get what you mean about the restrictive license on BoL but, hopefully, that won’t be an issue moving forward if BoL Everywhen makes the light of day.


        1. Sadly wont change the license. But at least there will be a bunch of rules for various settings around. The playtests where promising. I still prefer to write my own though.


    1. That annotation is a bit confusing. It means that the character can choose two of the listed traits. I amended the post. You never roll more then 3d6. If for whatever reason you would have more advantages so you could roll 4D6 you succeed automatically.


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