My minimald6 games: Furious Roads

After introducing minimald6 it is time to show the games I made with it.

Download Furious Roads!

The first game I wrote is my personal take on Mad Max. It was great fun to write as Post Apocalypse and especially Max always had a special place in my nerdiness. It would not have been possible if the fantastic art of Jonny Gray had not inspired me so well.

Besides the minimald6 core I wrote rules for equipment use and degradation, survival and scrounging, and of course a bit about vehicles. All withing the tight minimald6 framework, adding only where I felt the core was not enough to generate the experience I want for the game. Especially item use was one thing I wanted to get right. Besides them being traits as everything else in minimald6 they can actually be used to get a 4th dice. And since successes in combat equal damage this can be the deciding factor in a fight. This will lower your items condition however. I hope I managed to get the balance between light mechanics, useful items and the feeling of item degradation in a post apocalyptic world right.

My online RPG buddy Brian helped me proofread as well. so it is probably my game with the least typos ever too! Just click here or on the image on the top left to download the game for free.

What is one of your favourite genres? Do you have a favourite post apocalyptic game? Comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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