My minimald6 games: Get Funky

The series to introduce my minimald6 games continues with the fourth and as of now final game.

Download Get Funky!

Get Funky would not exist if it wasn’t for Daniel Hidalgo Vicente’s great art. I was a Patreon of his while he was still having one and had received the art during it`s run. The images where in my art folder and always beckoned me to write a game for them, and that’s what Get Funky is.

The games primary inspiration are Blaxploitation and other action movies of the 70s. In it I tried something new again, a multi step character creation consisting of the Thing, basically the archetype they are now, their Past, a role or job they had before the game, and a Catalyst, a traumatic/impactful event that sent them on the path they are on now.

I am very happy with how the current test version turned out. To check it out simply click here or on the image in the top left to download the game for free.  I would love to hear what you think about it. Currently I am working on an expanded version that will be published after the current play test is done and I had some time to funk it up.