Time flies… and the death of G+

In June I went from working to being a stay at home dad and since then did not really have the energy and time to write for this blog. I hope to remedy this, especially now that Google+ is going away, which is my main way of communicating about RPGs since the last few years. Where will I go? Definitely not Facebook. I can also be found on Twitter, Reddit or Discord though. As can be seen on the right. I am currently also on MeWe. It’s not perfect, but so far the closest to G+ I have found.

When G+ goes away it is kind of an end to an era for me. It was the first time I could effortlessly and easily get into contact with other RPG enthusiasts and I learned so much from the sharp design minds on there. It was exhilarating to see all the cool ideas floating around. I will miss that.

It looks like the community will fracture now and wander off to different places. I still hold out hope that in the near future somewhere else might emerge which a similar feature set to G+ and an open nature. The whole federated network looks great in theory but it’s really for the tech savvy if you do not trust total strangers to host your content.

Until another place come up I always have this blog. It is a good way to get communication going and at least with blogs on wordpress you can also create a network of sorts. Where are you going? What will your place be? I hope to see you all around.

2 thoughts on “Time flies… and the death of G+

  1. Hello from another stay at home Dad! The Savage worlds facebook group is usually quite civilised and then there are the Peginc forums too.


    1. Hey Steelbrok, cool to meet another stay at home dad. They are a very rare breed around here. I have moved away from Savage Worlds in the last few years. The forums have always been good however, so thanks for recommending it. If you are a Savage, that’s indeed the place to go.


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