About : Me

Born in Germany anno 1976, a PnP gamer since 1988 and GM for various systems since 1993. Happily married, no kids yet.  I live in small out of the way village within the deep woods and sloping hills of the Taunus.

My alignment is Chaotic / GM. And my title. And description of my GM methods too!

Some bullet points about me, in no particular order:

  • Favorite RPG Systems: Savage Worlds, Cyberpunk 2020, BRP
  • Favorite Dice: The D10
  • Favorite Settings: Cyberpunk 2020, Cthulhu 1920, Birthright
  • Favorite Book series: The Song of Ice and Fire, Otherland, Lord of the Rings, A Scanner Darkly, Marcus Didius Falco Novels
  • Favorite Authors: H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Lindsay Davis, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick
  • Favorite Music: Blind Guardian, The old Guns ‘n Roses, Loreena McKennit, Schandmaul, Sisters of Mercy
  • Favorite Films: The Matrix, Lethal Weapon, Bladerunner, Star Wars 4-6, Conan the Barbarian, Aliens
  • Favorite Series: Supernatural, Rome, The West Wing, Jericho, Ghost in the Shell, Tudors, Eureka
  • Favorite things to do besides PnP: PC Games, Cooking
  • Favorite moment as a GM: In days of yore during a fantasy horror adventure, my players where in a remote village hunting a werewolf. I was able to scare them so much by the use of a sound effect form a BBC effect CD (Thanks BBC!) they started screaming, Panicking and would not enter the room in which the werewolf transformed. It was very immersive and intense. Great times. Sadly such a gimmick only works once!

Do you want to know more?

I love being a GM. I haven´t been a player in a Campaign since I started GMing in 93. Weaving a story, describing events and watching the facial expressions of my players when I give the big reveal or tell a plot twist is just priceless and makes me all gleeful and warm inside.

Of course not everything is only happy shiny. GMing is also hard work sometimes. Personally, since I hate preparation, I quickly developed a pretty loose style. I am at my best when I simply react to my players, do not have a tight script and just wing it along. The only exception to this is maps. I love maps as visual aides and the quasidemise of Dundjinni makes my heart break a little.

I Started GMing with Das Schwarze Auge and AD&D2nd. Later I moved on to 3.5 and GMed the lost “City of Barakus” for a while. That was the most epic mapping project I have ever done as I pretty much recreated it completely in Dundjinni for my players to explore. It was a great experience. However that Campaign broke down after Barakus was completed. I have been on a hiatus pretty much since then. I have bought several RPGs during that time though always looking for something to get me rolling again. Diceless, Indie, new… But nothing stuck.

That has been going on for 3 years and I just started GMing again with my old group in 2010.  Sadly we all lead busy lives so we meet about once every 2-3 month. At most. And since RPGers are hard to find in my area I am a bit out of options.

However in April 2011 I “discovered” Fantasy Grounds II for me. It not only makes it possible for me to play with more people all over the world, it also gives me the opportunity to take part as a player again. Which gave me a much-needed refresher and also gave me a fresh perspective on GMing too.

This also somewhat coincided with my discovery of Savage Worlds. And lets just say Savage Worlds has not simply blown me away, in a way it actually changed how I approach GMing and the way I want to play RPGs. I feel freed and not restricted by the system. It inspired me more than any other RPG I own. I have to admit though that the Explorers edition itself was not what sparked it alone but having read the SWEX and afterwards reading the Thrilling Tales book. The way the basic rules moved into place for this setting, were changed a bit and sometimes added to, made me realize I had an amazing toolbox in hand. And a toolbox that would not ask me to take out a calculator to create new content or encounters. One which fitted my play style a lot. Hence I decided to start-up this blog. So lets see where that road will go!

2 thoughts on “About : Me

  1. Really nice blog and profile you have! I enjoy it and very resourceful. Thank you for putting in all that effort! If you like join us at http://www.fantasychapters.com for some tabletop roleplaying fun in the forums. We are a easygoing group of fantasy writers that enjoy the company.

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