Setting the mood

  A recent twitter discussion motivated me to write about this. Nowadays I almost exclusively play RPGs online. I prefer Fantasy Grounds when it is available but most of the time it is Roll20 due to the simplicity of setting up a game with dice macros. I have written about both in 2011 and my comments still stand in many ways, the biggest change would be I find maps less important then I did then. Regardless of the technology I use, I always find it important to set the mood for the players. To achieve this I usually create at least … Continue reading Setting the mood

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Hello World, I am currently prepping my John Sinclair campaign and look for figure flats to use. There are many available to purchase, but sometimes the right thing is just not available. I found the perfect solution in the little java tool called FlatsCreator. It was made by a german player of Savage Worlds and he thankfully shares it with the community. It works flawlessly for me and I can honestly recommend it. How does it work? To start: First get FlatsCreator from here. Make sure you have java installed One or more picture to use as the base. … Continue reading FlatsCreator

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RPG Inspiration : Science Fiction Concept Art

Hello World! during my preparation for a Savage Worlds one shot Adventure I was on the lookout for inspirational material. I found a site with great links to concept artist portfolios that have some awesome stuff on show. There are hundreds of pictures to be seen, there are loads that will inspire you for a SF adventure, I am sure. I thought this was well worth sharing. Maybe you find something useful. Read you soon! Continue reading RPG Inspiration : Science Fiction Concept Art

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Virtual Tabletops: Any use?

Hello World!

In the last few years I rarely spend any time as a player, only as a GM. There simply aren´t that many gamers around where I live and I have played with the same group since 93 as a GM. Due to growing older, work and starting families game time is a precious commodity. On average we play maybe every other month. Because of this I started to look into Virtual Tabletops

I am still relatively new to Virtual Table Top gaming. So far I had some demo games and I am now playing in an ongoing Deadlands campaign. All in all 7 sessions. As I only have experience with Fantasy Grounds II my insight into the other available VTTs is only second-hand and from reading, not experience. I will try to keep this as system neutral as possible. Playing in virtual space as opposed to the table has some unique advantages and problems that I want to show in this article.

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Savage Worlds Conversion: Technoir – Transmissions

Savage Worlds IconHello World!

You may or may not have heard about the Kickstarter for a new RPG called Technoir. It gathered a funding of over$  from supporters quicker than anyone had anticipated and it is still growing.  I really recommend checking it out! It is an interesting game in itself and worth your money. However I am a Savage at heart. I am honest here, I never connected to RPG engines that where Storyteller focused. I love my dice so I prefer systems with more dice types than D6. And my group and I have  a strong dislike for dice pool mechanics. But I still pledged money to it. Why? The presentation is great, the mechanics well thought out and it contains more than a simple game engine. I am really excited for it simply because it inspires me. It is the first game of this type that somehow managed to click. And I am sure I will be able to borrow liberally for my Savage Worlds games!

Do you want to know more?

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Feeling Creative.

Hello World!

I am not much of a prep GM. That is the reason I like systems that make it easy for me to simply take and run. Just let me go and don´t constrain me, but give me some frame of reference I can stick to.

Usually at the table I can go off “script” easily and wing my way into a cool plot that engages my players. If you put me on the GM chair during a convention with nothing in my bag besides dice, pen and paper I will fail miserably however. If I start to prepare or run a published Adventure I tend to cling too close to the book. No way to leave the written path!  That kills every game pretty quickly. So I sat down the other day and thought about what works for me.

What prompted me to think more about this was this scenario I posted. I wrote that in 6 hours start to finish, including marking the map and surfing for the perfect image for the Big Bad.  Personally I think that was relatively quick. In any case I realized: I  can write adventures. That is a huge deal for me as I have never written anything before. It seems I need to get a story in my head that needs to get out.

What is the problem at the table sometimes? Why does it work one day and not the next? And how do you get these Stories in your head in the first place? What do I learn from this?

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