Savage Worlds : Beasts and Barbarians Interview

Savage Worlds IconHello World,

after reviewing Beasts and Barbarians, and liking it, I asked Piotr Korys from GRAmel if he would agree to do an email interview. And he did! And not only that, he  got in contact with Umberto Pignatelli, the original author of Beasts and Barbarians, and got him involved too! Enjoy the interview and read you soon.

Chaosmeister: Lets start by talking a bit about yourself. Who are you, how did you come to gaming and what is your job at GRAmel?

Piotr: It is a long story. In the early 90s, a friends of mine got some nice looking books from a foreign copy party (Berlin, I think). I read something similar in a fantasy/sci-fi magazine. In GRAmel, I`m a husband of the owner. And a brain behind RPG part of GRAmel (we do a few other things in GRAmel, very different from roleplaying or publishing 🙂 )

Umberto: I am italian, living in Turin. I started playing RPGs in 1985. An uncle introduced me to the gaming world. I know Piotr from a couple of years. We worked together on a Slipstream adventure for Pinnacle and came in touch. Currently I am the designer and developer of Beasts and Barbarians, GRAmel’s swords and sorcery setting for Savage Worlds.

Chaosmeister: Please tell me a bit about GRAmel, I have never heard that name before the Beasts and Barbarians release.

Piotr: It is a small company from Poland. 🙂 We are publishing polish edition of Savage Worlds and a few other things.

Chaosmeister: Please talk a bit about your last release: Can you share how Beasts and Barbarians came to be? Continue reading “Savage Worlds : Beasts and Barbarians Interview”