Savage Worlds Review : Beasts and Barbarians

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today I will have a look at Beasts & Barbarians, a Sword and Sorcery Supplement for Savage Worlds by Gramel Publishing. I want to find out if it is as good as word on the street says. So follow me on a journey into a dangerous and wretched place full of dark secrets and mighty heroes.

The looks:

Beasts and Barbarians is a 76 pages PDF file. The usual layer options are present and it is fully bookmarked. I have the habit of scanning the table of contents of any new RPG book I buy to get an overview of the contents and to check if there is something that stand out as interesting to me. However there is no table of contents here. The book starts with the introduction to the setting. A quick flip through reveals the table of contents is at the end of the book, after the index on the last few pages. An odd layout choice that I first found weird but got used to. If you read it at the screen it does even matter less.

The books artwork is of varying quality from very good to mediocre, while the good is definitely in the majority. Do not let the cover image fool you! Gramel is working on a replacement. The layout is nothing extraordinary but works well.

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Savage Worlds Review: Temporal Probability Agency – Agents Handbook

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This time I am trying my hands at a review for the Temporal Probability Agency (TPA) supplement from Apathy Games. What once was a Savage Worlds Blog is now a Game Studio and Savage Worlds Licensee.

Their first release is actually two items in one package : the “Agent’ s Handbook”, which has all the basic rules for the setting, and “To Predict and Serve Act 1: A Function of Probability” the first act of their campaign. This review is only about the  “Agent’ s Handbook”.  Lets find out what the Temporal Propability Agency is and have a look at the books content.

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