2018 Review & PWYW vs. Fixed Price

What a year 2018 was. Most exciting, wonder- and stressful was the birth of my baby girl in January, almost exactly a year ago. It was a wonderful ride that of course shook up a everything and turned my life upside down. To have an outlet as a stay at home dad I decided to publish my first games on DTRPG. On the one hand of course out of curiosity but mostly so I could earn some money from my hobby to continue to invest in more games and stock art etc. Money is tighter then it has been in a long time and this is my way of earning some “play money”.

I specifically want to explore the difference PWYW and fixed price made for me. My games are super niche and can’t compare to any bigger names but I hope those numbers will still be informative for you.

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New Edge: Bodyguard

Hello World, During my conversion of John Sinclair to Savage Worlds I had to think about a way to simulate a special Class feature. John Sinclair contains a Bodyguard Player class which has the special feature that they can take a hit for another Character by spending the equivalent of a Bennie. Since one of the players has that class I could not convert without it. So here is my take. A new Edge: Bodyguard (Professional) Spirit D6 Vigor D8 The Character can leap in front of an attack that would otherwise have hit another character by spending a Bennie. … Continue reading New Edge: Bodyguard

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