Furious Roads



At the end of the beforetime the earth was scorched in deadly fire. Salt flats, craggy canyons, sand molten to glass and vast stretches of desert is all that’s around you. Like toys dropped from a giant child remnants from the past dot the landscape. A rusted tanker in the middle of nowhere, its hull broken apart like a whale corpse burst open. Seats and debris from a giant plane are littered about for miles as if they were spit out. Craters where the bombs fell. Here and there old crumbling remains of structures, now repurposed as fortifications for the powerful. And very rarely, like blackened fingers clawing at the sky, the old towers bellowing dark clouds that still produce the thing everyone wants, no, needs to survive. Gasoline. Most people have been driven insane by the parched and unforgiving landscape or the monstrous raiders by now. The gangs are the ones that have the wheels and the power. The strongest and most merciless lead. This is no time for weakness as the weak get eaten. Sometimes literally. There are only crazies left in one way or another. And this is a world you want to step into? Good luck!

Furious Roads is the minimald6 way into the Post-Apocalypse. Spend less time with rules and more time doing insane things. Enjoy fast and frenzied action based on minimald6 while you strive to survive in a desolate wasteland. The rules feature an easy mechanism to track the use and degradation of items to add to the survival aspect in this post apocalyptic world.

Play as one of many different types of crazie in this hellish place, including:

  • Black Thumb If a thing is broken they are going to fix it. Somehow.
  • Brute Avatars of vicious savagery, unparalleled might and dim wits.
  • Haggler Everyone needs something, and they get it for you. At a price!
  • Organic Mechanic They either fix a broken person or break them even more.
  • Polecat Dancers, acrobats and melee fighters without common sense.
  • Rev Head Wild drivers of the wastes, king behind a steering wheel.
  • Tyrant Someone is always the boss. They are the bosses boss.
  • Waster Lone wanderers drifting around, ready for everything.
  • and more!

The PDF contains all you need to begin play within minutes. There is a random generator for post apocalyptic scenarios and locations to let you quickstart your imagination.

Enjoy the ride!

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