Get Funky



It’s the hot and steamy, larger than life 70s in a big city somewhere in crime riddled America. You are not quite heroes and not quite bad guys, connected by blood or neighborhood. You have a calling or a job to do, something to make right against all odds and at all costs. The Man is out to get you and your enemies are numerous, ruthless and got Kung Fu. All you got is your wits, skill and the friends by your side. Failure is not an option. It is time to get funky or get dead!

What do you need to play?

A few friends to play with, one of you will be a player that takes the mantle of Funk Master and runs the game for you, the others are players and will create some cats to cruise around in the city. Every one of you needs a few six sided dice (d6), best are three. A piece of paper to write up your character (or one of the character sheets from the back) and of course a pen to take down notes. Funky music is a must have, afro and bell-bottomed trousers are optional. And this PDF.

Create your character based on the five core attributes BuffFoxyGrooveSoul and Wit. Select a Career to get a starting trait from a dozen available, including:

  • BAD MOFO Always being the meanest cat in your hood has advantages.
  • COP You protect and serve your community with passion and integrity.
  • HOT STUFF You always breezed by on your looks and demeanour alone.
  • MARTIAL ARTS MASTER You train in the finest and deadliest of martial arts.
  • PREACHER You are the inspiring voice of the Lord for your flock.
  • WAR VETERAN They turned you into a killing machine and now you are home.
  • and more…
Select the Thing, an archetype defining what you are really good at for an additional trait. For example:
  • AVENGER – Delivering swift and harsh justice where the law does not reach.
  • HUSTLER– Sweet talking cat, charmer and dealer, being “friendly” with everyone.
  • SLEUTH– Obsessed with a crime or story, won’t stop until the truth is uncovered.
  • and more…

And finally the Event that got you on your path. A hook to get the game started and give the Funk Master something to latch unto as well as giving your character a final trait.

The core mechanic is simple: Roll 2d6 modified by Advantages and Disadvantages from traits and situational circumstances. Every 5+6 you roll is a success. That’s it. There is a bit more to it but not much. Easy and fast for groovy action!

This PDF contains all you need to begin play immediately. There are a variety of random generators, from street names to clothing styles, names and of course adventure seeds and locations to quickstart your imagination.

You dig?

Free preview edition with less funk available here.

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